The Major Reasons Why Relationships End

For many people, relationships are essentially everything. Such companionship fosters feature security, positive self-esteem, and it fulfills the need to feel loved and cared for. But, if you’ve ever been in such a companionship, then you probably are aware that as much as they are full of good moments, they are also riddled with the bad. Some of those bad moments are minor, but others have the potential to completely destroy the companionship that exists. Below are a few of the major problems that can cause your love life to end between you and your significant other.


One of the main markers of a companionship that is on its way to failure is one where there is a strong miscommunication between the two parties. Communication is the key to good relationships because it allows both parties to discuss matters that are important. For example, feelings, finances, life decisions, daily happenings, and so much more. If both parties are able to communicate well, they each has a sense that the other truly does care. However, if both parties are suffering from communication issues, it can easily spell disaster since both will feel isolated and uncared for.


Trust Issues

Another cause for failure are trust issues. There is nothing worse than being in a situation where your significant other does not trust you or where you don’t trust them. When there are trust issues, both parties feel that there is no solid basis within the relationship. In addition, without trust, it is very difficult to build a strong future together that is going to succeed because the future itself is based on many moments that require trust.

Infidelity Problems

Finally, infidelity is another one of the main reasons that people end up breaking up. When one partner cheats, the other not only feels insecure, but they also tend to question the basis for the relationship and whether their significant other really loved them. As a result, the relationship will be unable to continue because one partner will feel highly insecure.

Going through issues in a companionship is normal, but the above problems are ones that are bound to spell disaster. If you notice that they are present in your partnership, but not have developed to a great degree, then seeking help early can perhaps save you both from a situation where each of you will be saying goodbye.

How Facebook Complicates Dating

Prior to the advent of Facebook, there was no access to your partner’s friends or to any of their pictures with his/her ex-girl friend or boy friend. You were not able to broadcast your relationship status in the online world.

With the advent of new technologies, dating and Facebook has definitely changed the living style of the people to a greater extent. Asking about the relationship status of your friends either through phone calls or text messages has completely changed. From the recent studies, it has been proved that, enhanced used by Facebook leads to jealousy in the relationship and break up in the relationship in severe extent.

Relationship status

Dating and Facebook is the first stage where your relationship starts getting complicated. Everything will be fine until you change your status as “In relationship”.

Unwanted follower

There are plenty of ways in Facebook which offers you with ways to minimize your exposure to the followers. There are people who just comment awkwardly and like every single picture or status that you post on your wall. You can avoid such comments and feelings by limiting your follower’s access to your wall, status update and photo update.

Going through your partner inbox

There are certain partners who say that they respect each other privacy and trust each other. But if provided with an opportunity to go through each other Facebook wall, definitely we will never step back in going through their personal things. These things can really lead to worsening of your relationship.


Photos tagging

If photos of yourself and your partner is posted on Facebook, but you might have forgotten to tag him/her. You really can’t guess what type of effect this can cause on your dating or relationship. He/she may think that you are just trying to hide him/her.


Facebook allows your friends to know the status of your relationship. Whether you have highlighted that you are in a status or not, but your pictures with someone else and wall posts can definitely give up away any potential boyfriends/girl friends. Whether you respond or not, but the gossip would have been already spread across most of the people. This can lead to all sorts of complications in your relationship.

Comments can make your date jealous

Unusual comments about your picture or status can lead to break up in a relationship. Some partners easily get jealous and a feeling of insecurity.

In the current days, girls will be having more number of innocent people who will be posting flirtatious messages on her Facebook wall. Some guys are ok with such sort of message, but some guys can’t tolerate such messages which lead to burst out due to jealous and results in end of a relationship.

Facebook being the top most social media in the current generation, it can bring people close within short span of time and can also separate at the same speed. Dating in a relationship is much about maintaining healthy relationships as it is all about intimacy. Ensure that use of social media doesn’t harm your relationship.

Is Dating Nice Guys Always Boring?

Yes, I agree with the title. Nice guys are really damn boring. When a woman refers to a guy, she will be usually talking about a mild mannered guy who doesn’t have much personality defects. Nice guys are bought up extremely well at their homes and treat every woman with utmost respect. He is always emotionally available and wants in a relationship forever.

But most women tell that dating nice guys are challenging enough. He is quite easy and most women feel that they feel bored and they think that their relationship may lack excitement. So, by considering the above reasons, most women tell that they don’t get attracted towards nice guy.

Here is a checklist as why women doesn’t like to date with nice guys-

  • Their personalities and behavior are not attractive

Nice guys are really too nice. Frankly telling no one can be that much nice until they become saints.

    • They are easily predictable

Most of guys lead a boring and very easily predictable life. Such nice guys are usually attracted to the people who are quite unpredictable. Bad boys always accept challenging task in life, whereas nice guys never accepts any challenging task in life.

  • They forget that women also have sexual attraction towards them

Just because a guy is nice, it doesn’t mean that he can be a good partner. They don’t make efforts to attract a gal and try out with the factors which can lead to sexual chemistry as well as dating.

  • Nice guys are terrible and boring within four walls

They are very much concentrated towards work. They work so hard, but end up with nothing. They won’t be having any experience or a sort of confidence in order to make the women satisfied.

  • Nice guys think that being a friendly zone is a sort of punishment

Nice guys should realize that female friends are just friends. They fail to understand the fact that even the people of the opposite sex can be really good friends without any sort of relationship.

  • They fail to protect her girl when she needs him

Even the most daring and independent women want to be with a guy who can make her feel safe and secure. All girls expect her boyfriend to protect and safeguard her in crowd.

  • They are passive aggressive

They fail to express about what they think of her instead they want her to understand everything even without expressing. They fail to understand what her women expect from her

  • Nice guys don’t have self decision capability

A nice usually agrees to everything and he never has an opinion and he allows the people to treat him however they want. He is afraid of raising his opinion when it comes to the matter of attracting a woman rather than pretending to be cool with everything.

These are some of the main reasons why girls think that dating nice guys is boring.


Getting Over Baggage From Previous Relationships

The life can be shattering in case of break ups and life becomes a difficult ball game. The current situation or relationships are often governed by an emotional baggage from the past relations. Often, there develops a reactive nature as small actions of the current partner often reminds of the ex. The distrust develops faster and one is not able to distinguish between good and bad due to past baggage overpowering the mind.

Past experiences causing Lost self esteem

The past experiences of arguments with the ex, infidelity and cheating experiences, insults and rudeness or sometimes abusive nature of the ex can bring in a depression difficult to get over. Even after moving on, there is still certain memories which linger in one corner of the mind and create a whirlpool of thoughts and an emotional baggage. There is also a vulnerability in terms of change in behaviour experienced, also sometimes it becomes difficult to express the feelings the way one used to in the present relations. When the hurtful memories of the past become a part of your present the personality becomes much more defensive, however best way is to be honest with oneself. There are ways which can help get rid of the past baggage and make the current relations much more fruitful and also get back the lost self esteem.

  • Creating a positive outlook
  • S4

The thoughts which are constantly troubling you are best to be jotted down. Enlist the thoughts as and when they occur without being judgemental about any of these. Once this is done, it is best to reflect on each thought. Reflecting on the thoughts can take you into the past and also help acknowledge your immaturity to understand the actions of a cheating ex in the past. There are many instances in the past which stops from enjoying the present. The painful memory of a cheating ex can make you dread a holiday and moments of intimacy. If the present partner drinks alcohol like the past boyfriend, then the fear of abuse constantly lurks in the mind of the person carrying a baggage of the past. Hence, it is best to accept these memories but not let the memories stagger the life and the present by releasing negativities into the thin air.

  • Learning positive from the past

The bad experiences like being sensitive to criticism of the partners can make us learn that life needs to faced boldly and confidently. Also, one learns to lead a life with positive affirmations which makes one a better person. The person can learn to be kind and faithful. Also, the deep rooted discontentment from the past can be rooted out by way of practicing positive affirmations by way of meditation and releasing all negativity from the mind and heart. This will help take charge of the life more confidently. This will also help consciously turning life into a deeper contented and a meaningful and help handle the difficult situations in life much better.

The Hazards Of Interracial Dating

It is usually said that true love knows no bounds of race or religion or social status. It will express itself naturally for the person who is destined to be your soul mate. But in many cases it is found that interracial relationships face many problems, even in modern times. So it is better to be aware and be prepared to face those obstacles that may try to hamper your interracial dating, when you are engaged in such kind of love affair.


  1. Face opposition from the family

When someone chooses to date a person from another race or religion, often it is obvious that the family members of both the partners may oppose this relation and try to put a stop to it at any cost! Mostly it is very tough to convince them to accept an interracial relationship as perfectly normal. Hence, even the close family members may behave like enemies and may also go to the extent of severing all ties with that person, which is a painful experience for anyone.


  1. Loss of friends from own community

When a person grows up, he/she develops a friendship with many people of his/her own race. But many of these people are most likely to turn hostile when that person decides to start or continue a romantic relationship with someone from another lineage. Often these close friends may stop talking to this person, only for this crime of loving someone from a different type of ancestry, thus ending all bonds of childhood friendship.


  1. Uncomfortable remarks or behavior of the community people

In case of some orthodox communities, interracial relationships result in drawing unnecessary attention from the other people of both races, who may pass rude remarks about the couple and their relationship. Sometimes, they may simply stare at the couple or even at any one partner, with an unfriendly expression, which can be quite distressful for that person.


  1. Not invited in any family or community function

When a person is disapproved by his/her community, for choosing an interracial dating partner, it is highly expected that this individual will not be invited to any social function or even at a family gathering. Also the immediate family members choose to keep him/her out of all celebration, to avoid social stigma that is brought due to the interracial romance of that person. After marriage, the interracial spouse of this person is strictly forbidden to join the family get-together on any occasion, which is definitely insulting to both the partners.


  1. Disputes may arise among the partners due to racial disparities

It is natural that two races or communities will have different values and customs, which may even clash with each other, when two persons from these two different ethnic groups start living a new life together. Often it is seen that the people of one race possess various negative impressions about the other group, which are unintentionally transmitted to the new generation. As a result, these partners may exhibit some kind of reluctance in accepting each other’s way of life and stress more importance to their own cultures, in spite of immense love for each other. Therefore, the possibility of split up between the couple is quite high and as per the statistics, the rate of divorce in the case of interracial marriages is quite high, credited mainly due to their problem in accepting one another’s racial culture.